20 Exclusive Gifts for a New Mum

20 Unique Gifts for a New Mom

Becoming a mother is one of the most exciting things women experience in their lives. It is accompanied by mixed emotions of joy, fear, and gifting a new mother is mostly one way of consoling her and giving her courage. This will take her through whatever she is undergoing and invite her to a further step in life. Below are the 20 exclusive gifts she can appreciate;

20 Unique Gifts for a New Mom


A Motherhood Book

A book could be a gift that you just will offer anyone and particularly for a bookaholic.

unique gifts for new moms

The early motherhood book is a really informative and unique gift for a new mom. She can read it at the early stage of delivery time or whereas she takes a cup of tea. 


Ready-Made Salads 

When you are thinking to present a gift for a new mum you can give a tricky and helpful gift. It’s natural that becoming a new mum is not always feeling good to do something or might be busy with her newborn baby.

One of the best gifts for her to deliver homemade pre-cut vegetables or some fruits to make her cooking easy. Or you can order fresh ready-to-eat salads for her lunch or dinner.


Alexa Echo

The Alexa Echo is a hands-free and secure device that works well for a new-born baby. 

unique gifts for new moms

When mom is busy with doing somethings she can command Google to initiate the on and off equipment without getting to it so that it can switch between songs for the baby.  


Nipple Cream

Being a new mother, she regularly breastfeeds her baby.  So it is normal things for her to have Cracked, stretched, and sore nipples.

gifts for new moms after birth

Nipple cream is a simple gift for new moms after birth for her to prevent the agony of nipples during breastfeeding. 


Breast-Pump Extras

To save her time and avoid supplementing, extra breast-pump and feeding bottles will be the best gift for a new mom from her husband.   

gift for new mom from husband

Especially while she has something else to handle and other family members could easily feed the baby. 


Lactation Cookie


gifts for new moms after birth

The Lactation cookies are an ideal gift for a new mother because it helps to boost up milk supply and improve iron & protein of the body. Because of that mother’s energy level will increase and she can feed the baby perfectly.


Short-Sleeve Scoop T-shirts


new mum pampering gifts

Whereas you are thinking about comfort and relax so short-sleeve scoop T-shirts are the great choice for a new mum. Because it’s a lightweight t-shirt and can easily breastfeed to her baby.


Paper Towels and Toilet Paper

After being a new mother, a paper towel, or toilet paper is an essential everyday item for her.

practical gifts for new mum

For her little one, she uses it frequently, and it can be better when she has them in plenty. So, based on the regular requirement, this can be a perfect and practical gift for a new mum.


Land’s End Monogram Tote


practical gifts for new mum

Going outside may be a little difficult once having a baby. Medium size of the shoulder bag is a perfect gift for her, which will help her not to forget to carry baby’s essentials like diapers, feeder and so on.


Russ and Daughters New York Brunch

It’s natural being a new mother she is busy with her little one and sometimes she can not sleep the whole night.

gifts for new mums and dads

Waking up early and make breakfast is tough for her or sometimes doesn’t have time to make breakfast or cooking. The home delivery breakfast meal could be a fantastic gift for new mums and dads to support them.


Milk Snob Nursing Cover

The milk snob nursing cover is pretty essential for the new mother because she takes care of her boobs.

mother to be gifts

It will feel her relax and comfortable moving around with new-born and can also use it as a baby carrier seat cover. So it will be an excellent gift for a new mom.


Open Table Gift Card


A gift certificate can feel refreshing when it is accompanied by a note of encouragement.


Stylish Maternity Bralette

One of the perfect gifts is maternity bralette to make her breastfeeding easy, flexible and convenient.

first birthday as a mum

This comfortable, soft and functional drop-down cup make her relax in front of others while she feeds her new-born.


Audible Gift Card


first birthday as a mum

When she make some time for her she can listen to an audible book keep her mind relax and stress-free. So giving this gift card you can make herself inspire and confident.


Postpartum Sitz Bath Bag


gift for new mom in hospital

Postpartum Sitz is naturally healthy bath herbs that can be used to reduce pain and to swell even better than painkillers. So you can give this necessary item to the upcoming mother in her delivery time.


Murray’s Cheese Platter

After pregnancy, the new mom facing a different kind of problem because of hormonal change.

mother to be gifts

For this reason, sometimes she loses her interest to eat food. So you can give an order a healthy cheese platter for her taste back and also this can act as an easy afternoon snack.


Seamless Underwear

Since pregnancy sometimes new mom feels less confident and insecure because of their bulky body shape.

new mum pampering gifts

Seamless underwear is a great gift for a new mom to improve her confidence and especially for that mom who has undergone C-section to help her heal with ease.


Lou Malnati’s Deep-Dish Pizzas

In the pregnant period, new mom moods swing frequently. Sometimes she wants to eat different tastes of food like pizza or burger.

new mum pampering gifts

So you can send these kinds of frozen food which she can preserve in the freezer until the time she will have the desire to eat.


Fairy-Tale Brownies Nut-Free

There is no one who doesn’t like chocolate brownies.

good gift for a new mum

You can give her a Fairy-tale-chocolate-brownies as a refreshment snack throughout her feeding or different works


Baby Clothing Basics

A new mom’s basic essential item is new-born clothes which cannot be ignored.

mum and baby gift set

Anyone can give a beautiful, sweet, and comfortable clothes to her new-one and increase her happiness to show your love to them.


Being a new mom is a time of celebration and experience some new things in her life. At that moment she needs maximum support to other members in her life so that she can enjoy the motherhood period. And make her motherhood moment adventurous and fruitful the above are the lists of essential things that you can gift a new mom.


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